Sunday, February 3, 2008

Twitter in the workplace....

In research some enterprise 2.0 blogs on the FASTForward blog website found the following.

"Positive Results

  • Forces reduction of hierarchy enforcing rules
    • I say this because the more you constrain and layer access controls on “tweets” the less value they have overall, but more significantly, it directly reduces the benefit to the creator
  • Personal Brand development - highly personal platform
  • Crises discovery and management capability
  • Increased awareness of ongoing work
  • Interactions between individuals can strengthen their social-network ties to further inform other tools (like search, group forming, etc)
  • Potential to outperform other tools in the rate of adoption (low barrier to start using the tool)

Potential Issues

  • Immediate business value may not be apparent depending on the organization
  • Low search value (individual entries to not usually contain full content on any specific topic)
  • Must be device agnostic. Individuals who do almost all their email on a blackberry will need an appropriate version of an Enterprise twitter"
I still am not convinced on twitter in the workplace. It seems to be a device that derives its value from sheer curiosity of other users who become obsessed with the intricacies of each others lives. I do not feel its format allows for enough data to be exchanged to have an real value add.

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