Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to implement a wiki...

Interesting post today by Michael Indinopulos in his blog ( on how wiki's should be driven to creation by the demand side rather than the supply side. In sum,

"The way to do that is to structure or "stub" a wiki in advance--before you invite others to join the wiki. Here's a simple four-step process:

1. Get a small group of core community members to whiteboard a high-level information architecture in the form of a few categories (not more than 4-8) and subcategories (not more than 1-2 levels deep)

2. Create a series of blank pages or "stubs" hyperlinked to reflect the category structure

3. Assign each category to an individual member of the group to flesh out

4. Reconvene in 1-2 weeks to review what everyone has done, share learnings, and revise the category structure"

As a test of this theory, I have recently created a wiki ( on wet paint for my professional business fraternity. Obviously, this collaboration tool is needed for synergizing the efforts of 60-70 students working together. I have provided the structure and will let the rest of the form be filled by the members.

Will let you know, how this theory works in implementing this technology to our organization.

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