Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Marketing Blogs Case One

Delta Airlines has made effective use of it's impressive company blog. Recently, there has been a post concerning the airlines new addition of the Delta’s first 777-200LR plane. (http://blog.delta.com/2008/02/08/how-bout-a-new-plane-for-the-new-delta/)

This beautiful plane has a picture in the post and information included about the first delivery flight on this plane on February 29th. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this post regards the interaction in the comment section between the blogger (Chris - Manager In Flight Global Development) and his audience.

The tangible excitement and curiosity garnered in this section...

"Just curious, on what route do you plan to put this beautiful baby to work?"

"I must say Chris, this is very exciting!I am aware of the fact that Delta is receiving a lot more than 2 777-200LRs. Can you possibly provide ideas Delta has for the routes for those planes?"

"WOW! The inside is probably amazing… can’t wait to see the new business seats."

Obviously, this method is effective for gaining publicity and generating a buzz about the new plane Delta has to offer. More importantly this buzz is FREE! It is being generated by those individuals earnestly interested in the airlines industry (those who read airlines blogs) and consequently those individuals will probably generate the most effective buzz about the product as well. I myself got a little curious in seeing how these airline gurus reacted to this news.

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